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Many Moons

I really love photography. And I love laughter and closeness and tenderness. Mix it all together and you've got a picture that doesn't just capture an image but tells a story. I've lived all over the US and spent half a dozen years in Europe helping families tell their stories, capturing their personalities, preserving their tender moments.

It is my goal with every picture that I take to portray emotion and character. It's more than just a "smile!"... it's a laugh, a giggle, a moment of insight, of remembrance. I can be the ninja in the background or the director front and center taking charge, tilting heads, placing hands, and always one more "Heads together, pull in closer!"My goal is to let everyone see the best, real you with skilled technique and mastery of lighting and just the right timing. Everyone is photogenic. It just takes the right photographer. 

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Whitney Jones

Many Moons Photography

Johnson City, TN


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